Valentine's Day

We have everything you need to create Valentine's Day DIY gifts, dinner ideas, even brownie heart cupcakes, chocolate éclair hearts, and Valentine heart pops to share with friends and family. Our gift ideas include DIY heart-shaped soap, knot bracelets, and pop-up cards, or plan a romantic dinner for two with our Valentine's Day menus.

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Sweetheart Thumbprint Cookies
Tell your sweeties, "You're my jam!" in a way that'll turn them into jelly. Simply roll butter-cookie dough into balls, and press the handle end of a spoon into each twice to make a V that expands as it bakes (genius!). Then sprinkle with sanding sugar, fill the indentations with warmed preserves, and give your heart away again and again.
Crayon Hearts
If the sun seems to peer right into your window, give it something pretty to look at — and through! These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons. In return, sunbeams will   color your room with cheer.
Learn How to Make Martha's Heart-Shaped Cakes Two Ways for Valentine's Day
Our founder always treats her nearest and dearest to something extra-special on February 14th. This year, she’s baking two kinds of swoon-worthy cakes: rich flourless chocolate minis and our white, coconut-topped cover star. Follow her simple steps, and share a little piece of your heart, too.

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