Yes, it is possible to catch her off guard with a proposal on the most romantic day of the year.
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Here's the thing about marriage proposals: If you're at the place in your relationship where you're seriously thinking about proposing to her, she's most likely feeling it, too. You're obviously crazy about each other and have probably had at least a few real conversations about your future together. All of which means it's not so easy to pull off a surprise proposal any day of the year, let alone on Valentine's Day. But if you feel that February 14 is the perfect day to pop the question, know that it's still possible to pop the question in a way that she won't see coming.

Surprise her with a morning proposal.

Think about most proposal stories you've heard about or seen in movies-it happens over dinner, while out on an evening date, or even during a casual night at home. A morning proposal will most definitely catch her off guard-there's no better way to kick off the most romantic day of the year. She'll be floating on cloud nine all day long. Celebrate that evening with a dinner date at one of your favorite restaurants.

Feign ignorance about the date.

This strategy won't work if your partner always has plans locked in for Valentine's Day weeks in advance. But if V-Day is more of a low-key or even impromptu affair for the two of you, set the stage by acting like it's any other day-until, suddenly, it's not! Just remember that this setup works best at home. Surprise plans or mystery destinations will have her suspecting something's up.

She thinks you're going to be out of town.

If you travel often for work, surprise her by coming home "early" (even though that was part of the plan all along). When she walks in the door and sees that you're home, she'll likely utter some kind of happy, but confused, exclamation ("You're home! I thought you were gone until Friday?!"). That's your cue. Capitalize on that moment of surprise and launch straight into the proposal. It's sure to be a Valentine's Day to remember!


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