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Martha Reveals Her Ideal First Date (It Involves a Private Plane)
Our founder shared her date-night wishlist with Stephen Colbert as the two discussed Valentine's Day plans.
Yes, You Can Put Ice in Your White Wine, According to Martha
"I was talking to a lot of vintners in France and Italy, and they all approve of ice in the white wine and the rosé," our founder told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
The 2022 Winter Olympics Are Officially Underway—Here's How to Watch the Games, Even If You Don't Have Cable
Though the games' opening ceremony won't take place until February 4 in Beijing, China, some competitions have already begun.
How Do You Eat Your Pizza? A New Survey Reveals 1 in 12 Americans Use a Fork and Knife
Additional techniques include eating the crust first and sandwiching two slices together.
Guinness World Records Names 190-Year-Old Johnathan the Oldest Tortoise Ever
Already the oldest living land animal, Johnathan is believed to have been born in 1832

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Do Men's and Women's Brains Really Work Differently? A New Study Says Yes
A team of researchers from Stanford Medicine found 1,000 gene-activation differences between female and male brains.
The Milky Way Could Be Home to Earth-Like Planets That Feature Continents and Oceans
In their new study, researchers out of the University of Copenhagen note that the presence of water is key for habitable conditions.
An Asteroid Larger Than the Tallest Building on Earth Will Pass By Our Planet in Record Proximity Today

Catch the livestream to spot this out-of-this-world and "potentially hazardous" event beginning at 3 p.m. eastern time today.